The great Chino Espinoza, LA’s (and the world’s) salsa king

Costa Rican-born vocalist Mirley Espinoza, known as “Chino El Sonero”, recorded and released his first CD for Warner Brothers in the 1990s as the lead singer in the “Opa-Opa” band. He went on to sing with top musical group, like the Malibu Salsa All Stars, The L.A. Jazz All Stars, The RMM All Stars Band and the “Tito Puente with the Eddy Palmieri” Tribute Orchestra and has been featured on  recordings with Bobby Rivas, Bolivia, Mojaditicos, Pete Escobedo, Bette Midler, Los Del Barrio, and Rumba Grande.  e toured with He toured  He toured with Celia Cruz, Eddy Santiago, Rey Sepulveda, Tito Puente Jr, Tito Gomez, Jesus Enriquez, Miles Pena, Manny Manuel, Domingo Quinonez, Tony Vega, Hernan Oliveira and others as well as performing as the lead singer for the Los Angeles based Orchestra Son Mayor.

As an actor, Chino has appeared in many productions, most recently, the PBS series ¡American Families¡ where he acted along with Edward James Olmos and Raquel Welch and appears as himself with “Los Dueños Del Son” in the Eddie Murphy movie Starship Dave. Now firmly based in Los Angeles and recording with Dimelo! Records he has assembled the big band salsa orchestra “Los Dueños  Del Son” (Chino Espinoza, Jake Espinoza, George Lopez, Santiago Santiuste, Humberto Ruiz, Juan Pujason, Joel Nuñez, Carlos Bustamante, Giancarlo Anderson, Ruben Ordiana.)  lead by his brother Cesar Espinoza. “Pura Vida”,  the first release by the brotherly dream team, took the Salsa Community by storm.  Dimelo! Records has released Chino’s second commercial studio album Maria, produced by Hector Manuel Rivera.

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