Cecilia Nöel: a force of nature on screen, on stage and in your earbuds.


Cecilia Nöel is a performer, songwriter, producer, bandleader, mentor, and force of nature.  A Peruvian native who is now an LA institution with her band The Wild Clams,  she has surrounded herself with top LA talent that reflects her passion, flamboyance, and the salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and Afro-Cuban influences in her music. Her most recent album, Havana Rocks,  took Cecilia to Havana to record MTV-era hits like “Whip It” and “I Touch Myself” and eventually earned Cecilia the Cubadisco International Award 2015, the first American album to win after the embargo.  The album paired Cecilia with some of that country’s top musicians including Cubadisco Award winning tres player San Miguel Perez. She toured last year in the US and Europe with Perez  and her husband, Colin Hay of Men at Work. Her  video for the song “I Touch Myself”, directed by Piero Pereira, was released last year for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016.

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