Cuban-born, LA-based San Miguel Pérez: the new Buena Vista Social Club generation

LA-based San Miguel Pérez is considered one of the best tres and guitar players in Cuba and is known in Cuba as “El Tresero Moderno” – The Modern Tresero. Born in Granma, Cuba, he is also a singer, percussionist, and composer and highly respected for his knowledge and command of Cuban Music. He won the Cubadisco Awards in 2011 and 2014 for Best Tresero and Best Traditional Cuban Music, cementing his reputation on the island.

San Miguel first came to international attention while playing on  Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son, the band formed by legendary Cuban pianist Aldaberto Alvarez in 1984 .  He went on to play with the equally legendary sextet  Jóvenes Clásicos del Son and the Buena Vista barrio-based band Soneros de Verdad.

San Miguel is part of a  new generation of the Buena Vista Social Club musicians, carrying on the tradition started 20 years ago by Juan de Marcos Gonzalez and Ry Cooder and joining such stars as David Faya and Dayme Arocena.  He brings not only his excellent tres and guitar playing skills but an encyclopedia knowledge of Cuban and Afro-Cuban music combined with serious experience in pop and rock and hip-hop and jazz.

Since moving to Los Angeles, San Miguel has been writing, playing and recording with Peruvian-born singer-producer Cecilia Noël and Grammy- award winning musician-songwriter Colin Hay from the  Australian rock band  Men At Work.  San Miguel is releasing his debut album and single, Un Poquito de Amore  Everyday, featuring an unprecedented bilingual collaboration with Colin Hay.  The song, Pérez says, is his way to   “promote uniting cultures, affinities, music and give everyone a little happiness every day.   The collaboration gave  him a space for more melodic experimentation as well as working across genres and cultures. He says he “ always wanted to mix my Cuban roots with a rock/pop sound and  I was lucky enough to be able to work with Colin Hay who immediately related to the messaging of the song and just naturally wanted to collaborate in the creation of the melody and the chorus, with the help of Cecilia Noël.”




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