La Chamba. Pure electricity with a psychedelic African beat.

La Chamba is an old school/new sound band based in east Los Angeles that pumps out hard rockin’ psychedelia with Afro-Latin rhythms,  amplifying their reality and that of their audiences Their electrifying blend of music fuses 60’s psychedelic-inspired surf-pop from Peru with Afro-Latin beat energy. Arising from humble beginnings in East and South Central LA, they adopted the name “Chamba”, which literally means “work,” and a word used throughout the barrios of Latin America to describe the hustle of the street. Their sound pays homage to the melodies and grooves of Peruvian Chicha music popular among the working-classes of Lima and the Amazon.
True to their roots, La Chamba’s audience is as much a part of their performance as the band. La Chamba encourages folks to let loose and release their grind on the dance floor, which is why they entertain and energize clubs all over LA

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