Manlio Celotti: global music executive

Membran Entertainment Group establishes itself as an international force, garnering multiple 2017 Grammy nominations with Jacob Collier Anderson .Paak, Joey Alexander and René Marie. Artists traditionally begin their careers in their home country and then make their way to the rest of the international music scene. Membran, an entertainment and label services company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, has reversed this pattern for some of today’s biggest names in music. Manlio Celotti joined Membran as CEO in 2011 while retaining his role as Managing Director of The Orchard Entertainment, moving the company forward rapidly, including in the USA marketplace.  Operating both from Los Angeles and Hamburg (he visits LA at least 4 times a year), he is cultivating LA talent as well as European artists, often connecting them with markets in other countries. With connections to SONY Music and other labels, he has been able to develop an impressive list of artists all the way to the Grammys.  We talk with him about the 2017 Awards, Membran’s strategy and what it means for rising indie artists.

Then we go to Cuba.  MusicaFusionL A Co-host Patrick O’Heffernan recently spent 10 days in Cuba, meeting bands and producers and collecting music.  He and Co-Host Diana Carolina will bring listeners up to date on Cuban music, Cubanos in LA, and play tunes from around the island.

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