The Rocketz

The East LA-based power trio, The Rocketz, are a blend of high energy rockabilly and punk rock. Founded with the late Mexican-American drummer Andrew Martinez (March 11, 1983 – January 11, 2009), better known as Andy DeMize,  the band now consists of Gretsch Artist and front man, Tony Red-Horse, Nick “Chango” Anchondo on upright bass, and Anthony Drinkwater on the drums.  Rocketz  have been touring and headlining shows and festivals since 2009, exciting crowds with a rock and roll rollercoaster of songs about life both good times and bad!  Their music is a raw, bass-slapping, high energy sound that is unique in the ALM range of fusion music, with echoes of Elvis, Rancid, and INAZUMA. They sing in English, but their Latin roots are never very far away. The can be found in local LA clubs like the La Cita Bar, Club Los Globos and Café Nela making people clap and dance.

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