La Victoria: an all-girl trio plays Mariachi for a new generation

La Victoria is an all-female Mariachi group, composed of Vaneza Marie Calderón, Mary Alfaro Velasco and Rosalie Rodriguez. The trio takes a very respectful contemporary approach to traditional Mariachi. They write music that engage audiences with the lively joy of traditional Mariachi but which is uniquely modern and uniquely theirs.  The band’s goal is to keep the traditional Mariachi songs alive while bringing in new, younger audiences. As part of this they have joined the musical protest movement My Song is a Weapon, started to combat racism by supergroup Prophets of Rage guitarist Tom Morello and singer Jackson Browne.  Their original song “Mi Hermano” , included on the compilation album Monster Protest Jamz, vol 1,  was designed to correct the false image of  Latino communities fostered during the election. They write songs that, Rodriguez describes as: “…talking about combating injustices — racial injustices”  which help bring the Latino community together. La Victoria plays venues throughout Los Angeles, including a residency at  Las Perlas, in Downtown Los Angeles, bringing their passion for Mariachi tradition together with their love of their home city and its vibrant music.

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