Angélica Rahe: Flamenco fire from a Double Platinum artist

Angélica Rahe combines soulful, soaring vocals, a fiery Spanish guitar, and bilingual compositions that mix her Spanish gypsy roots with American Pop and Soul. She is a Double Platinum songwriter who truly embodies what it means to be a “world artist.”
Having grown up traveling the world, from a young age she was able to capture how powerful music was in unifying people from all walks of life. Angélica spent her childhood between Japan and her native Spain, so it’s no surprise that this experience has influenced her sound. At 5 she was playing Flamenco with gypsies in the alleyways of Andalucía; by 14 she was writing her own songs; soon after she began to teach herself to play guitar, using old Joan Manuel Serrat, Tom Jobim, and Lightnin’ Hopkins’ records as inspiration.
She has now shifted focus on her very own artist debut, showcasing her Soul and Flamenco roots in a Pop-driven, “Spanglish” representation of the “hybrid-child” experience, inspired by her bicultural background and extensive travels, and set to release Fall 2016

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