Crisia Regalado of Sin Color

Crisia Regalado is one-half of the is South Los Angeles -based  duo Sin Color that transforms traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes. Along with her partner, guitarist, David Aquino and the band members, they have become a fixture in LA clubs and venues.  Driven by Crisia’s opera-trained voice and the amazing guitar chops of David Aquino , the band mixes  bossa nova, cumbia, and disco with indie pop into danceable beats and memorable hooks. She joins us this week to play Sin Color’s new song, just released, and to preview an upcoming album and video.  Their last video, “Pergunto” was nominated Best Lyric Video of 2016 by the Los Angeles Music Critics. A fixture on the ALM circuit in LA, Sin Color is poised to break into the LA music scene, following bands like La Santa Cecelia, Irene Diaz, Mitre and Ozomotli.  An exclusive interview on Mu’sicaFusionLA.

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