¡Aparato!  is a post-punk, socially conscious ethereal rock band from LA that performs with traditional Mexican instruments and beats.  ¡Aparato! (“machine”)  incorporates its belief in human dignity and social justice into its music which is crafted by two formally trained, California-born Chicano musicians, Alexandro D. Hernández Guitérrez and Cat M. The band creates music that speaks of wounds, of open gaps between physical spaces, like the US-Mexico border, or the distance between loneliness and feeling loved. With a sound that is at once pegajoso (“sticky”) and penetrating, ¡Aparato! mixes post-punk with the otherworldly in both recordings and its jubilant live performances.

As young Chicanos, these two bandmates understand what it’s like to feel in-between: English and Spanish, California and Mexico, and friends and family. Guitérrez defines himself as a “Tejano-Fronterizo Michoacano San Quilmense Angelino born in Chinatown” and raised in Del Rio, Texas. His exquisite beats are pan-African but combine traditional Mexican styles with progressive rock. Vocalist and guitarist Cat M. brings a California-based feminist cry to the group’s sound, but unlike the wail of her punk foremothers, Cat’s voice is unabashedly feminine, with a strong underpinning of alto resolve. The combination of the two results in sometimes raucous, sometimes punky, always fun music that makes people dance and think. Their first album Huastech 3000  will be released August 24, 2016.

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