Sin Color


Sin Color is a  South Los Angeles-based band from Boyle Heights that is taking the LA music scene by storm by transforming traditional styles of music into pop soundscapes.  The band’s name, Sin Color (“Without Color” ) is a misnomer if there ever was one.  They have created a new rainbow of color in both their live performances and their unique, cellphone-shot videos.

Lead singer Crisia Regalado (19), trained in opera singing since she was ten years old.  She joined with David Aquino and his deft guitar and keyboard chops and the two of them now create their own unique sound. Sin Color  mixes bossa nova, cumbia, and disco into indie pop songs which are the opposite of sugary confection. Danceable – yes; but also meaningful and delivered with an intensity that surprises the audience when comes from the diminutive, Regalado.

And they are just beginning – they have  one song up on SoundCloud and a handful of live and cellphone videos, with the lyric video for their single “Pregunto” available everywhere online.   In their most recent performances, they introduced the Sin Colorchestra band and  released a live video. Sin Color is working their way through the hot spots for Alternative Latin Music and Chicano pop music in LA, and beyond. They have mesmerized audiences at events and venues such as Dark Nights at L.A. Live, Día de Los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, The Moltaban Theater, Plaza de Cultura y Artes, and Leonardo’s, and Boyle Heights favorites, M-Bar, Mariachi Plaza, and Eastside Luv .

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